BrewGas L30 (Hambleton Bard S30) - CO2 Gas Cylinder - Refill - Call Us For Availability
Hambleton Bard S30 CO2 Gas Cylinder - Refill - In Store Only

BrewGas L30 (Hambleton Bard S30) - CO2 Gas Cylinder - Refill - Call Us For Availability

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Refill Service Only.

If you have a Brewgas L30 or Hambleton Bard S30 CO2 gas cylinder that is empty, you can return it to us for exchange on the purchase of a full cylinder.

Cylinders returned for exchange must be clean, undamaged, free from rust, with all seals intact.  We reserve the right to refuse any canister that may not be suitable for refilling.

These cylinders contain an average of 240 grams carbon dioxide.

To use this cylinder to add gas to your beer barrel you simply screw onto the S30 valve and screw down until you hear a one second squirt of gas, then release.

NB. This cylinder will only work with S30 / L30 style valves.

If your valve has a pin sticking up in the centre, it is not an S30 valve & this cylinder MUST NOT BE USED.


To Return Your Empty Cylinder

1 - Make sure it is empty!
2 - Package the Cylinder in a good amount of protective packaging, making sure the valve end has sufficient protection.
3 - Enclose your name, address, email address and phone number on a seperate peice of paper.
4 - Use a courier - Use Parcel to Go to find a courier for your area - - Do Not Use Royal Mail
5 - Send to Brewbitz, Yew Tree Cottage, Whatley, Frome, BA11 3LA.
6 - Once we receive your empty cylinder, we will contact you using the infomation you enclosed to arrange payment.
7 - Once payment has been received, we will dispatch a full cylinder to you.

Delivery will be by APC courier and will be charged at the courier rate of £7.50.

If you are in the BA11 area the cost of delivery will be £3.50 and a doorstep exchange service is possible.  Please call 01225448080 for more details.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Royal Mail and courier companies you may wish to check if they will carry the empty cylinder.

Escaping Gas Procedure

There may be the odd occasion, that on removing the cylinder from the valve, the gas does not stop. This is due to the cold gas making the metal shrink. If this happens, simply pull off a cup of hot tap water (not boiling), and submerge the valve in the hot water for 30 seconds. If the gas is still escaping, give a quick shot of gas into your barrel and this should allow the valve to re-sit itself in the right place. If it is still leaking gas, complete the above steps again.

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