5% Off For The Rest of January!

Now you've drank your Christmas Brews it's time to get some more on the go!
Check out our favourite beer kits and grab 5% off at the same time!

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Buy Homebrew Beer Kits at Brewbitz Home Brew Shop

It's the end of January, the barrel's almost empty, and one thing we just cannot do is run out of beer! So, it's time to top up with a new kit and enjoy some top quality beer. Below are some of our favourite & best selling beers that are a must brew!

We've also got a 5% discount code still active until the 31st Janurary so grab yourself a great deal by using code JANBEER.

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Best Selling Beer Kits at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop
Buy Courage Directors Beer Kit at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop
Buy Festival Premium Father Hooks Best Bitter Kit at Brewbitz

Directors Bitter - 36 Pints


Father Hooks Best Bitter - 40 Pints


FREE delivery avaiable at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop
Buy Woodfordes Wherry Real Ale Homebrew Kit at Brewbitz
Buy St Peters Ruby Red Ale Kit at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

Wherry Real Ale - 40 Pints


Ruby Red Ale - 40 Pints


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Buy American Amber Ale Kit at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop
Buy Muntons Premium Gold Smugglers Special Ale Kit at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

American Amber Ale - 40 Pints


Smugglers Special Premium Ale - 40 Pints


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