New Kenridge Showcase Premium Wine Kits

You can now buy the Kenridge Showcase wine kit range at Brewbitz.
Make some superior quality wine from around the world at home!

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Buy Kenridge Showcase Wine Kits at Brewbitz homebrew Shop

You can now buy the Kenridge Showcase wine kit range at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop. This is our best, most premium range that makes stunning, superior wines. Choose wines from around the world and make the best quality wine from the comfort of your own home.

Containing 16 litres of pure quality grape juice concentrate you can be sure of a high quality wine to be proud of!

At £74.95 you'll be making wine at under £2.50 a bottle. The same quality in the supermarket could cost you around £8! So whether you fancy a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a Chile Malbec you can get your hands on them at Brewbitz. View some from the range below.

Browse our Kenridge Wine Kits online.

Kenridge Homebrew Kits at Brewbitz
Kenridge Showcase New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Buy Kenridge Showcase Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - 30 Bottles


Australian Cabernet Sauvignon - 30 Bottles


Buy Kenridge Wine kits
Buy Kenridge Showcase Chile Malbec Wine Kit
Kenridge Showcase Australian Chardonnay

Chile Malbec - 30 Bottles


Australian Chardonnay - 30 Bottles


Kenridge Showcase Homebrew Kits
Kenridge Showcase Italian Pinot Grigio
Kenridge Showcase French Merlot Kit

Italian Pinot Grigio - 30 Bottles


French Merlot - 30 Bottles


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