Get Your Equipment Ready for Elderflower Season!

Elderflower season is just around the corner! Make sure you've got everything you need ready to make some stunning Elderflower wine or champagne!

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Make Elderflower Wine at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

In about a week's time the Elderflowers will be at their prime and will be ready for picking. With the flowers you can make some of the most refreshing and stunning wine or champagne that will taste incredible! Just make sure you're all set with your equipment and ingredients!

See below for some of the things you'll need to craft this special drink. Get your equpiment and ingredients ready now so you can get making your wine as soon as you've picked the flowers.

Shop for your Wine Making Equipment online now!

Need some guidence? Why not take a look at our Elderflower Wine Recipe online for some inspiration?

Elderflower Wine Recipe at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

1 Gallon Glass Demi John

Glass Swing Top Bottles

Cleaner & Steriliser 400g

Wine Making & Brewing Equipment for sale at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

15 Litre Fermentation Bucket

Hydrometer & Trial Jar

Simple Syphon

Wine Making Ingredients at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

Sparkling / Champagne Yeast

Campden Tablets


Elder flower homebrew recipe

Yeast Nutrient

Brewing Sugar

Airlock & Bung

Make Elderflower Wine Recipe

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