New Festival Premium Beer Kits

We've just added to our range of Festival Premium Beer Kits!
Choose from a range of 9 incredible beers at Brewbitz.

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Festival Premium kits make some seriously good beers that are easily pub quality or better! There are 9 craft beers to choose from in the range at Brewbitz.

Our three new kits include: Summer Glory, Old Suffolk Strong & Pilgrims hope. These are all malt kits and give you an incredible end result.

Summer Glory - 'This beer has amazing, vibrant floral notes with a fresh citrusy aroma. Citrus dominates its initial flavour which develops with slight malt sweetness, ending with a stunning dry bitter finish. A very refreshing beer at 5%'

Pilgrims Hope - 'A complex, mahogany coloured beer that's bursting with earthy aromas. Strong hints of pine & passion fruit dominate the nose. A big malty character is excellently balanced with bitterness where the hints of tropical fruits take your taste buds on a ride. A rich, complex beer at 5%'

Old Suffolk Strong Ale - 'A strong beer that packs a punch. This incredible kit makes you 40 pints of a 6% stunningly rich, complex beer. With a dark brown colour it has aromas of vanilla and wood. Excellent woody, earthy flavours with slight bitterness'

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