New WineBuddy Pinot Grigio Kits

Great news! The Pinot Grigio variety joins the WineBuddy series!
Limited opening stock so hurry and get yours now!

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Buy WineBuddy Pinot Grigio White Wine 30 Bottle 7 Day Homebrew Wine Kit at Brewbitz Home Brew Shop

The brand new WineBuddy Pinot Grigio 30 bottle white wine kits have landed at Brewbitz and are now available to buy online and in store. These are a must try if you're a fan of the current WineBuddy range. This fantastic wine is ready to drink in just 7 days and only requires water and sugar to brew up!

Once made, you'll have 30 bottles of refreshing, fruity & crisp Pinot Grigio wine that costs ONLY around 60p a bottle. Excellent value, perfect for parties or for simply enjoying at home!

We have limited new stock, order yours now! ONLY £17.95, the best price on the net!

Click HERE to buy now!

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