NEW Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery Packages!

Make 2 gallons of craft beer from grain with our easy-to-use All Grain Micro Brewery Packages! Everything you need to make beer from scratch in one box!

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Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery Starter Package

Our brand new All Grain Micro Brewery starter packages have landed here at Brewbitz and we're excited to tell you about them! We've developed an all grain beer starter package that allows you to brew beer from scratch in your kitchen. With our incredibly easy instructions & video guide it's never been so fun and easy to make beer from grain.

Both ingredients and equipment needed to make 2 gallons of our new craft beers are included in the presentation box. Choose between a classic Best Bitter or a hoppy, exciting IPA.

At only £99 these starter packages are the perfect way to get into all grain brewing.
If you've made a few kits and now want to move to the next level these packages are a
great way to do it.

They also make an amazing present for birthdays or Christmas and once you've made the first batch you can re-use all of the equipment and simply buy another ingredient refill kit! Read more about the beers you can make below!

Click HERE to view on our website or read more below!

Buy Beaverdale Californian Red 30 Bottle Wine Kit at Brewbitz
Brewbitz All Grain Coldharbour IPA Beer Kit

Coldharbour IPA is a beautifully crisp & fresh India Pale Ale that explodes with citrus hop character. A real treat for the tastebuds. Crafted with US hops it’s a quintessential modern craft beer with hints of grapefruit, citrus, strong bitterness and subtle malt sweetness. At 5.5% ABV it packs a punch, just as an IPA should. An impressive, premium craft beer you and your friends will love.

Click HERE to buy Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery with Coldharbour IPA

Brewbitz Pilton Pride All Grain Micro Brewery System
Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery Starter Equipment Package
Brewbitz Pilton Pride All Grain Micro Brewery Starter Package

This traditional English bitter has a tawny, golden colour with bags of character. The crisp, bitter taste is perfectly balanced with sweet malt and caramel. A clean, bitter finish is the perfect ending to this fantastic craft ale. With traditional English malts & hops it’s a true taste of home! If you love a classic English style beer at the pub then this is the one for you.

At 4% ABV this is a great session beer, the perfect intro to all grain brewing. What's more, your friends will never believe you made it yourself, at home, it's that good! A stunning craft ale.

Click HERE to buy Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery with Pilton Pride Best Bitter

Buy Brewbitz All Grain Beer Ingredient Kits

Do you have all of the equipment you need to make our 2 Gallon All Grain beers already? Have you already bought our All Grain Micro Brewery and need a new ingredient pack?

Then these all grain refill kits are for you! Containing ingredients to make the same great beers from the starter packages you can choose between Pilton Pride Best Bitter and Coldharbour IPA. We have many more ingredient kits on the way so keep and eye on our website!

Buy an All Grain Ingredient Kit HERE

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