Brewbitz Recipe: Parsnip Wine

We've got a lovely recipe for you, a gorgeous Parsnip Wine!
Turn those glum old parsnips into a stunning white wine!

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How to make parsnip wine with Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

Who'd have thought parsnips could make such a delicious, refreshing wine? Well, it's true!
Parsnip wine is awesome and you should try our recipe now! You may not like eating parsnips but we guarantee you'll love drinking them in the wine they produce!

It's nice and easy and you'll make a great wine that's perfect on a summer's day.
Brew it up now and in 6 months time you'll be opening a gorgeous bottle of parsnip wine in the garden or at a barbeque and it'll be just perfect!

Take a look at our simple, easy to follow recipe & video guide online and get making this wine today! You can get everything you need from us here at Brewbitz apart from the parsnips!

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