Renew Your Brewing Equipment & Supplies

Time for new equipment? There's no better time to renew your equipment than right now!
Don't compromise a brew by using old, sub-standard equipment! 

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Brewing Supplies and home brew equipment at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

At some point we all have to renew bits and bobs from our brewing equipment! To keep those brews as good as they can be we need to be using good, trusty equipment.

Have you run out of steriliser? Are you low on CO2? Do you have enough bottles and demi-johns for your next brew? Get your brewing supplies now and enjoy your new year of brewing!

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Need some brewing inspiration?
Check out our inventory of fantastic brewing video guides and get making something new today!

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Buy Brewbitz All Grain Beer Making Starter Package at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

With everything you need in one box the Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery starter package is the perfect way to get into all grain craft beer making.

We have developed this kit such that you can make it at home with ease, you'll have great fun and get an amazing beer at the end of it that you made from scratch! This is the perfect gift for someone looking to make beer from grain.

With our extremely easy method you'll learn lots of key skills in all grain brewing including mashing, sparging, boiling, hopping and fermenting. And with a choice of two beers you could be making a traditional English best bitter or a fruity and hoppy India Pale Ale.

Buy the Brewbitz All Grain Micro Brewery Starter Kit now!

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