NEW All Grain Ingredient Kit - Hop Punch IPA

We've got a stunning new All Grain Beer Ingredient kit for you to brew up.
The NEW Hop Punch IPA - 2 gallon recipe kit is available NOW!

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Brewbitz Hop Punch IPA All Grain Ingredient Kit

Hop Punch IPA is our newest all grain ingredient kit and if you love a well hopped beer with loads of character and flavour, you'll love this!

In the box we've packed in the very best select English malts
, amazing American hops and the best ale yeast to give you a stunning beer that you and your friends will love!

This new recipe kit is just £12.95 and makes you 2 gallons of your very own all grain craft beer, in the comfort of your home. Make this kit and you'll have great fun whilst learning how to carefully craft your very own brewery quality beer.

Hop Punch Tasting Notes:

"This India Pale Ale has nice biscuity malt flavour, with lots of citrus, grapefruit, vanilla, and freshly mown grass. Smooth and rounded on the pallet, with lots of aroma, then comes the PUNCH. The bitterness flows over your tongue causing your mouth to water, it quickly dissipates to leave a gentle bitterness that lingers on the centre of the tongue, just begging you to put the glass back to your lips and take another mouthful."

Bitter 4/5
Sweet 2/5
5.5% ABV.

Buy Brewbitz Hop Punch IPA Ingredient Kit HERE >>>

Buy Brewbitz All Grain Beer Ingredient Kits

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Buy a Brewbitz All Grain Ingredient Kit HERE >>>

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