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  • American Ales Beer Kits

    American Ales by Youngs are inspired by the American Craft Ale revolution currently taking place.

    Lots of hops, lots of flavour and lots of bite. And as always, of course, they're super easy to make! Become a craft brewer with these brilliant beer packs!

  • Beaverdale Wine Kits

    Beaverdale wine kits bring you amazing quality wine for an unbeatable price. These wines are made from fine grape juice concentrate to create a delicious end result.

    With flavours right across the board like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon these 30 bottles kits are set to impress! Give Beaverdale a try today! You won't regret it!

  • Brewbitz

    View our very own products made put together for you here at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop. For the best value starter package around check out our Brewbitz Starter Packs!

  • Brewbuddy

    BrewBuddy is a brand brought to you by Young's Homebrew. Young's are one of the biggest names in home brewing supplies, so you can guarantee quality and know that these beers are great value for money. 

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  • Brewmaker

    Brewmaker beer and cider kits are brought to us from Muntons. Both of these brands are highly established, respected UK companies known for providing exceptional home brew supplies at low costs. 

  • California Connoisseur Wine Kits

    California Connoisseur is a premium wine kit brand, made from the finest grape concentrates that North America has to offer, with both 6 and 30 bottle packages available in a variety of flavours there's something here for everyone.

  • Cellar 7 Wine Kits

    Using a Cellar 7 kit is a fantastic way to make wine at home in just one week. Created with the finest European grape concentrates make these wines super tasty. Bring the wine making experience into your home with these easy, fun packs. In just 7 days you should have a drink that's ready to be enjoyed! 

  • Coopers Beer Kits

    Coopers is a brand full of history and heritage. The family-owned brewery produce premium quality products that have been tuned and tweaked over many, many years to bring us high grade home brew supplies. 

  • Courage Beer Kits

    If you've not heard of Courage Directors & Courage Best bitters then you've missed out on some of the nation's favourite beers in the pub. Now you can make your very own Courage beers at home with their amazing beer kit! Take Courage out of the pub and into your home with these superior ale kits!

  • Festival Ales Beer Kits

    Festival Ales bring us some of the very best beer kits on the market today! With top quality ingredients and a fantastic end result it's easy to see why this brand is one of the nation's favourite! Featuring 3kg all malt kits these are full bodied, characterful and also nice and easy to make!

    Weather you need a light summer ale, a dark warming beer or even a lager, Festival have a kit that's geared to impress and keep you coming back time and time again. Not tried one before? Then give them a try, you won't be disappointed! 

  • Harris Filters

    Harris Filters are a firmly established UK leader in wine fining and filtration equipment, providing the best in homebrew filtering. Their fantastic products are available for sale here at Brewbitz. 

  • John Bull Beer & Cider Kits

    The John Bull home brew brand are excellent at bringing us fantastic quality beer, cider and lager kits at brilliant value for money. With a great range for sale here at Brewbitz these quality packs will make you a great batch of beer which works out at only around 30p a pint! 

Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items