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Apple Wine Recipe - How To Make Apple Wine by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop
If you only have a small amount of apples, not enough to make cider, then have a go at making our Apple Wine Recipe. A refreshing dry wine, with citrus, apple and oaky vanilla.
Make Apple and Grape homebrew wine by following our recipe
Apple and Grape Wine Recipe 

A fantastic wine to brew if you don't have enough grapes to juice and need something to bulk out your wine without taking away the flavour from your grapes.

A delicious fruity wine, yellow in colour and smooth, slightly sweet and just enough lemon to cut through the banana make this a refreshing summer wine.

A favourite of Davin's as it is rich, full of sweet smooth blackberries, this wine is strong and a deep red. One to enjoy and warm the heart.

Dandelions are normally seen as a weed, but you can turn these into a fantastic wine. Yellow, aromatic with almost honey tones. Very refreshing and easy to drink.

Elderberry is an amazing wine, but you do need to leave it for 6 - 12 months to bottle condition and then this will turn into a very high quality deep bodied, very fruity, dry red wine.

Mulled Cider is always a must from November to February on those cold evenings when you need something extra to warm you up. Not just for Christmas, enjoy a mulled cider any time. Or once made, put it in the fridge and cool it down, over ice on a hot summers day is so refreshing!

You will be surprised what parsnips turn into when made into wine. Think an oaked chardonnay. Slight sweetness, rich, lots of vanilla and the right amount of acid to get you wanting more.

Pear Wine Recipe at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

A slightly sweet fruity white wine with hints of pear drops.

Lots of amazing fruity flavours going on in this wine when made with Victoria Plums. Use the same recipe with lots of other plum varieties and get lots of variation in colour and flavour.

The taste of summer, so floral and very easy to drink. This white wine has a good level of acidy to dryness balanced by the floral aromas to make this a very quaffable wine.

This makes a very delicate wine. Light, aromatic and a nice level of acidity make this wine perfect for drinking on it's own or with lightly flavoured dishes.

Another of Davin's favourites, gathered from the hedgerows, sloes make a deep rich red wine, thats full of stone fruit flavours and with at least 6 months to condition in the bottle, this wine works amazingly well with rich meats like venison and lamb.

This very simple wine can be made to be very strong by feeding the wine as it nears the end of it fermentation. Leave to clear and then bottle and leave to condition for at least 3 months and then think of mixing it with some fruit puree to make your own cocktails.


Not what you first think to make wine from, but carrots have a floral fragrance and lots of sugar that works well when fermented, to create a great coloured, fruity wine. No-one will believe you it's made from carrots!

This recipe shows you a way to use liquid malt extract and grains to easily brew up your own beer. This recipe will make 40 pints of what is now called a Black IPA. This tastes like an IPA but with an extra level of flavour due to the late addition of mosaic hops.

Think sauvignon blanc. With all those gooseberries, a good level of acidity, this wine really hits the spot. Using red gooseberries give you a slight blush to the wine.  

Think of the best rose wine you have ever had and then ramp it up and you have redcurrant wine. Really fruity, a good level of acidity balanced with sweetness and dryness really make you come back for more.

We know a thing or two about cider being from Somerset (England) and we know how to make it too. Scrump some apples from your neighbours and then press them to get the best ever tasting apple juice and then ferment it to make a fantastic traditional cider. It's easy!

Potato Wine Recipe

It might sound strange making wine from potatoes, but think vodka, people have been making alcohol from potatoes for years and with a little patience, you can make a fantastic wine using the potatoes as the base. They add a floralness to the wine you would not initially especially is you only have them mashed.  

A zesty wine that is very refreshing, orangy and perfect for a hot summers day served chilled or as a pritzer.

Red Grape Wine Recipe

If you have a vine and don't know what to do with all the grapes then turn them into wine using our recipe. This will make a wine that depends on your grape variety, but with most UK grapes, this will be fruity, rich and a good level of acidity to make your mouth water.

White Grape Wine Recipe

White wine made from your own grapes is always a talking point at the dinner table and not only looks great but tastes great too. Try and wait for your grapes to be really sweet before picking, even freeze the really ripe ones and then add more to them ass the others ripen until you have enough to make a great wine.