Light Spraymalt - Youngs - 500g
Light Spraymalt - Youngs - 500g
Light Spraymalt - Youngs - 500g

Light Spraymalt - Youngs - 500g

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Spraymalts are a fantastic way of improving the fullness of the flavour you get from your beer.

Here we have Light Spray malt which is great for adding a little extra depth to your beer. Great for light beers, lager and pilsner for adding that extra richness, body and helping your brew be less "dry", whilst helping improve the head.

Simply substitute the sugar in your recipe for light spraymalt. Try these suggestions:
1) Use 50% sugar & 50% Spraymalt - gives extra body, flavour and richness.
2) Use 100% spraymalt (instead of the sugar) - makes any single can kit into a premium kit. Gives beer a full body, depth, richness and gives a good head.
3) Use 50% Spraymalt & 100% sugar - WOW! makes a strong, powerful beer, with lots of depth, body and flavour. Not for the faint hearted!

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