PET 500ml Amber Bottles - Crown Cap - 24 pack

Beer Bottles - 500ml Plastic PET - Brown/Amber Bottles - Crown Cap - 24 pack

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These 500ml brown plastic bottles are perfect for bottle conditioning your beer or lager, and giving it a bit of fizz.

The brown plastic prevents harmful light from getting to your beer as sunlight can cause a reaction in your brew making it taste and smell a little musty. These bottles need to be topped with a crown cap, 24 are provided, but a capper will also be required.

Once your beer has finished fermenting, syphon it into the bottle, add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar to the bottle and stir. Cap and place in the warm (20°C) for 48 hours to kick off the secondary fermentation, then transfer to somewhere cool for a few weeks to condition and clear.

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