Vine Co Signature Series - California Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

Vine Co Signature Series - California Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

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The Vine Co Signature Series California Chardonnay uses concentrated grape juice sourced from vines in California, which give this wine its characteristic fruity apple, vanilla, pear, peach and buttery creaminess.

Tip: - You don't have to add the oak chips.  Leave them out if you dont want extra flavours of vanilla, butter, pineapple and victoria sponge.  Then the fresh, crisp notes of pear, guava, lemon-peel, and apple will shine through.

This wine is great served chilled on it's own or with something light so as not to take away from its flavour.

In this kit you get 14 litres of grape concentrate (that you top up to 23 litres with tap water), the perfect yeast for this style of wine and the other ingredients to make sure this wine kit makes you 30 bottles of wine that you would find on the expensive shelves of the supermarket aisle. 

While this may seem an expensive kit, it is not when you compare it to the equivalent wine that you can buy in the supermarket or a specialist wine shop.  Even with the supermarket deals, you can not buy a bottle of wine cheaper.

This is a very easy kit to make, with simple instructions.  It will take up to 8 weeks to make, then bottle and allow to condition for at least a month, ideally 6 months.  Then enjoy some of the best wine you can make from a wine kit.

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