Ale Yeast Youngs - 5g
Ale Yeast Youngs - 5g
Ale Yeast Youngs - 5g
Ale Yeast Youngs - 5g

Ale Yeast Youngs - 5g

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Youngs Ale Yeast is an example of a traditional top fermenting English Ale yeast which is used in many commercial breweries.

This is a pure single strain culture which has a high temperature tolerance, high alcohol tolerance, relatively low risk of bacterial contamination and outstanding sedimentation characteristics, which makes it a consistently popular option, delivering reliable top quality Ales.

This Youngs Ale yeast produces a full bodied, fruity Ale with a hoppy, estery nose and palate. When using this Youngs beer yeast you can look forward to a high final gravity that delivers additional body, weight and a fuller flavour to competitor yeasts.

Young's Ale yeast can be sensitive to variations in fermentation temperature but where constant temperature is used it is a forceful strain with very strong fermentation and moderate attenuation properties.

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Technical Information

Gluten Free

Alcohol Tolerance: 9.5% v/v
Viable cell count > 5.0 x 10 CFU/gram
Wild yeast: 1 per million

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During yeast manufacture, special processes are employed to promote very high levels of the natural compound - Trehalose within the yeast. Trehalose is a natural sugar produced within the yeast cells to protect itself during prolonged storage and stress conditions.

The very high levels of trehalose achieved removes the need for re-hydration before adding to must or wort.

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