Coopers - Carbonation Drops
Coopers - Carbonation Drops
Coopers - Carbonation Drops

Coopers - Carbonation Drops

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Coopers Carbonation Drops are a convenient, no mess, no fuss alternative to using priming sugar.

Many brewers find the bottling process to be mundane and tedious, so carbonation drops are designed to replace priming sugar, allows for a quick and easy way of conditioning a beer in the bottle.

They dissolve quickly without the need for inverting or shaking the bottle. The dosage required is 1 carbonation drop per 345-375ml stubby or 2 drops per 740-750ml bottle.

If you're making a lager or cider and need that good old fizz then chuck in a couple of Coopers carbonation drops for those luscious, refreshing bubbles.

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