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How to brew an American Amber Ale

Watch as we show you how to brew your own American Amber Ale. This American craft style ale is an exciting beer with lots of hoppy and fruity character. A truly excellent beer! 

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How to brew a Woodforde's Wherry Bitter

Woodforde's Wherry is one of our best selling beers! This bitter has lovely caramel notes with subtle hop bitterness. An amber coloured beer that just tastes fantastic! Watch as we make this easy to use, simple kit. 

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How to brew a Christmas Pudding Beer

Fancy trying something a bit different? Watch as we make a Christmas pudding beer! And, yes, we use a real Christmas pudding!



How to brew an American Oaked Rum Ale

Are you a fan of something a bit special? Then watch as we make an American Oaked Rum ale kit. This beer is very rich and strong with flavours of rum and hints of oak. A quality beer for the winter months! It's nice and strong too!

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What's in the Young's American Micro Brewery Starter Package?

Watch as we show you exactly what's in the Young's American Ales Micro Brewery Package. This pack is perfect for someone that wants to brew some top quality beer but doesn't have any of the equipment. Excellent value for money and a stunning end product! Watch the video to see what's in the box!

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What's in the Milestone Mini Brewery Starter Package?

The Milestone Mini Brewery Starter Kit is the ultimate beer making all in one pack with premium equipment and a stunning Lion's Pride beer kit. This is ideal if you want to get into brewing some beer but don't yet have any brewing equipment.

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How to brew a BrewBarrel Munich Pale Ale

This Brewbarrel Pale Ale is a German made beer kit that we import to give you a taste of some great German beer. These kits are of a slightly different format so why not give this video a watch to see what's new!

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How to brew a Festival World USA Steam Beer kit

Festival Ales are some of the best homebrew beer kits we offer here at Brewbitz! The USA Steam beer is an amazing beer with bags of character! Watch as we show you how to make one!

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How to brew a BrewBarrel Bavarian Lager

Want a true German Bavarian Lager? This kit is one of the finest lager kits we've done. A tasty, lively lager that has a true essence of real Germany. Watch as we craft this great beer!

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How to brew a Muntons Smugglers Special Ale

Smugglers Special is our best selling beer kit. Hands down. And there's good reason why. This beer is simply amazing. It's also one of the easiest beers to brew. Watch as we show you how to make this amazing beer in the video below.

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How to make Blackberry Wine (Bramble Wine)

Making your own wine from scratch is a very rewarding process. It doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, it's quite easy! Watch as we guide you through how you make you very own Blackberry wine from scratch.


How to brew a California Connoisseur Cabernet Sauvignon

California Connoisseur bring us some fantastic quality wines and they're super easy to make. Here we guide you through making the Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. A great wine to try!

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How to brew a Cellar 7 Sauvignon Blanc 7 Day Wine

Cellar 7 is a very affordable, 7 day wine that's super easy to make. Watch as we show you how to brew the Sauvignon Blanc 30 bottle kit.

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How to make a WineBuddy Chardonnay with the WineBuddy 7 Day Starter Package

The Wine Buddy starter package is a brilliant, cost effective way of making your first home made wine. Here we guide you through making the 7 day Chardonnay kit.

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How to make Elderberry Wine from scratch at Home

Elderberry wine is a very nice, tasty wine that's great to make at home with your hand picked fruit. Watch as we guide you through step by step of how to make a brilliant Elderberry wine.

How to make Parsnip Wine from Scratch

Wine doesn't just have to be made from fruit! Here we show you how to make a brilliant Parsnip wine from scratch at home! Discover our fantastic recipe now!

How to make Nectarine Wine from scratch

Nectarines make some stunning wines and it's a pretty easy process too! A great summer wine, nice and fresh with a bit of citrus goodness. Watch as we make this beautiful wine step by step.

How to make Redcurrant Wine from scratch

Redcurrant wine is simply gorgeous and it's super easy to make. One of our favourite hedgerow wines here at Brewbitz. Watch as we show you how to make it step by step. Also see everything you need to brew up these 6 bottles of stunning wine. What are you waiting for? Learn how to make redcurrant wine from scratch now!

How to make Raspberry Wine from scratch

Raspberries are a gorgeous fruit and they make absolutely STUNNING wine! You can make 6 bottles of raspberry wine so easily and it will be one of the best homebrew wines you've made. Watch as we show you how to make this raspberry wine from scratch at home. Super easy but amazing results. Enjoy!

How to make Blackcurrant Wine from scratch

Do you like those blackcurrent tastes in red wine? Of course you do! Well making a blackcurrant wine will give you these flavours multiplied by 10! A stunning fruity character. Think of alcoholic Ribena! Yum! It's super easy to make blackcurrant wine from scratch in your own home and you'll be amazed at just how nice it is. What's better is you can pick these fruits, for FREE, from the hedgerows so go get picking and make some true, simple and gorgeous wine.

How to make Sloe Wine

Making a Sloe wine takes time, its a 'slow' process! But, the results are incredible. Watch as we show you how to make a traditional Sloe wine that will leave anyone you let try it impressed. Oh so gorgeous! It's very easy to make, you just need to follow our simple video guide and you're away making some of the best wine you possibly can. Enjoy!


How to brew a KenRidge Classic Pinot Noir Kit

We love KenRidge wine kits here at Brewbitz. They are simply stunning and the Pinot Noir red is no different. This kit is well worth a go! You'll never go back to cheap wine kits after trying this baby! Watch as we show you every step needed to brew this fantastic wine!

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How to brew a Solomon Grundy Gold Chardonnay White Wine Kit

If you're after a cheap and cheerful white wine kit then the Solomon Grundy Gold range provides an excellent solution. This wine is actually very good for the price! Perfect for casual drinking at home and even better for taking to parties! Watch as we show you exactly how to make this wine at home!

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How to make Elderflower Wine

When it's that time of year and the Elderflowers are everywhere it would be rude not to craft something gorgeous from them! Watch here as we make our favourite Elderflower Wine. Super easy to make and the end result is fresh, fruity and floral. Amazing chilled on a summer's day!

How to make Elderflower Champagne / Sparkling Elderflower Wine

Elderflower Champagne is one of the finest brews you can make from the hedgerow. It's so floral, fresh and fruity. An amazing thing to make from a FREE ingredient! Watch here as we show you our favourite recipe.

How to make a California Connoisseur Merlot red wine kit

California Connoisseur kits make amazing wine. You can always count on this brand for a fantastic wine that is fantastic to drink. Here we make the Merlot. It's fresh, fruity and smooth. A brilliant wine for the best of occasions.

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How to make real Scrumpy Cider from Scratch

Here we show you just how to make your very own scrumpy cider from scratch at home. Using your own apples you can make quality cider quite easily! Watch as we take you through our step by step cider making guide!

Read our Cider Making Guide

John Bull Cider Toucan Experiment

We brewed a John Bull Country Cider kit and it was quite good, however we thought it could do with a bit more flavour and character. So quite simply, we just used two cans instead of one! Watch to see our 'toucan' experiment.

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John Bull Toucan Tasting

Tasting video for the John Bull Toucan Cider experiment! A very nice cider indeed!


How to make Sloe, Raspberry & Blackberry Vodka Infusions

Don't like Sloe Gin? Why not try it with Vodka instead? These vodka fruit infusions are super easy to make and taste absolutely wonderful! It's an easy one that's great to crack out for a special occasion! 

Making a Christmas Cream Liqueur

Making something special for Christmas is always good fun and with this simple cream liqueur recipe you can create something that tastes great and is also nice and easy to make!

Brewing Shots from the Alcoshot Starter Package

Making your own fruity shots at home is super easy and extremely fun! With the Alcoshot Starter Package you've got everything you need in one box to get brewing and make some tasty drinks! These come in Apple, Blueberry and Mixed Fruit. Here we take you through how to brew the mixed fruit kit. 

How to brew a Prohibition Cherry Brandy Kit

Fancy making something a tad stronger than beer and wine? Great! Watch as we show you how to brew up a high alcohol kit in the form of the Prohibition Original Liqueur Cherry Brandy! This lovely kit comes out at around 24% so it's got some bite to it! Watch and enjoy the fascinating process of this brew!

How to 'Rack Off' Wine

Racking off your wine, cider or whatever you may be making can be a vital part of the brew's clearing process. Every time you rack off you'll be leaving unwanted sediment behind and gradually you will get a cleaner, clearer brew. Here we show you how to rack off!

How to Bottle Wine

Once your wine has finished its fermentation it will be time bottle it. Obviously, quite a major and essential part of the wine making process so here we show you how to do it in an easy, no mess way!

How to Cap Beer Bottles

Here we show you how to easily fix crown caps to beer bottles using a bottle capper. This is a quick and easy process, it just takes a few goes to get used to!

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The Quick & Easy Way to Sterilise Your Bottles

If you've sterilised your bottles before bottling then you know it can be quite a tedious process, especially if you've got a lot of bottles to clean! This great device lets you do it at ten times the pace! Watch as we use the 'Spin Vinator'!

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How to Sterilise Homebrew Equipment

Sterilising your brewing equipment is extremely important and is a vital part in ensuring the success of your brew! It doesn't take long and its really easy to do, have a watch of our video to see how we sterilise our brew equipment.

How to filter wine using the Harris Filters Vinbrite Filter Kit

Like your wine absolutely spotless? So do we. It's nice and easy to get your wine looking the best it can. Simply use a Harris Filters Vinbrite Filter kit and you'll be left with a stunningly clear and clean wine. Watch as we show you how to set it up and begin filtering.

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