Making your own cider at home is easy and very rewarding, within 2 weeks you can brew a very palatable, strong drink that is as good as you get in a pub and potentially much cheaper than you can buy in a supermarket.

You may have noticed pear cider, or perry (think Babycham) and you can also find many fruit ciders, made from an apple juice base but with added juice from other fruits. Like a bit of that scrumpy, still, cloudy and very strong cider? Great, because you can make these types very easily! If you prefer to have some fizz, then you can bottle it instead of using a barrel.

We also sell homebrew cider starter kits, which include some equipment to get you going. If you want a stronger flavour with more alcohol, just reduce the amount you make from 40 pints to 32 (remember to follow the instructions in the cider making kit)

If you need any info and advice for making your own cider then give us a call on 01225 448080!

Cider Kits

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