When you buy a bottle of wine, included in the cost is a charge called duty.  This adds a few £'s to a bottle.  A lot of wines for sale in the supermarket are made from imported concentrated grape juice, which is then rehydrated, fermented, bottled and labelled. 

Homebrew wine kits are made in the same way, using concentrated grape juice that you add water, yeast and ferment.  It's quick and easy to make your own wine at home from these kits and you save a lot of money too.

Wine kits come in a variety of flavours and at different price points.  Usually the more you pay, the more grape juice you get and this produces a better quality wine.

We have all the most popular wine varieties available in homebrew kits. Some can be made in as little as 7 days, others, usually the better quality ones, take 6-8 weeks.

With something to suit all budgets and tastes, from budget brands like WineBuddy and Solomon Grundy Classic, where you can make 30 bottles for well under £1 a bottle. Better quality kits like Solomon Grundy Platinum or Cellar 7 which makes a wine similar to the cheapest you can buy in a supermarket, to our high quality Vine Co brand, which makes a premium quality wine. 

All you need is some basic brewing equipment, that can be used for years if used correctly. 

Try making your own wine! Brewbitz can help you with everything you need to brew fantastic, flavourful, full bodied wine at a fraction of the price you pay at the off licence or supermarket.

Wine Kits

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