Mangrove Jacks Pilsner - Brewers Series - 40 Pint Lager Kit

Mangrove Jacks Pilsner - Brewers Series - 40 Pint Lager Kit

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Make this Mangrove Jacks Brewers Series Pilsner Lager Kit to get 40 pints of a refreshing, easy drinking European Lager with a balanced smooth flavour, complemented by a mild bitterness.

This lager kit makes 40 pints of Mangrove Jacks Brewers Series Pilsner Lager at about 4.4%, it's very sessionable!

This ingenious pouch design saves on packaging.

ABV Approx: 4.4% 
Bitterness: low
IBU: 18 - 22
Makes: 23 L

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This kit will also require one of the following:
a - 1kg of Brewing Sugar (supermarket sugar will work, but it will cause the finished lager to be sweet)
b - 1kg of Beer Enhancer.  A mixture of brewing sugar and light spraymalt.  This will give the finished lager a good body and mouth feel.
c - 1.2kg of Liquid Malt Extract.  This will give the best finished lager with a smooth body, full flavour and good head retention.

You will also need basic brewing equipment such as: a bucket; siphon; steriliser; thermometer & hydrometer to brew this ingredient kit.

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