Muntons Tap Room Series #6 - Maltzeit Vienna Lager - 35 Pint Beer Kit

Muntons Tap Room Series #6 - Maltzeit Vienna Lager - 35 Pint Beer Kit

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Introducing Muntons Tap Room Series! A truly limited-edition range of contemporary, one batch beer kits from Muntons.

MaltZeit Vienna Lager


In 1841, Anton Dreher became the “King of Beer” when he revolutionised brewing by combining lightly kilned (Vienna) malt with lager yeast. In doing so, he introduced a toasted, clean, and crisp beer that would grow to become one of the most popular beer styles across the continent.

Munton’s version: MaltZeit is made with 100% Vienna Malt, keeping it as true as possible to Anton’s vision for the style almost 200 years ago. It’s smooth, malty, and slightly toasted notes provide a crisp European lager enhanced by the included 30g Hallertau dry hops pellets.

Makes 35 pints of approx. 5% ABV lager.

Requires the addition of 1kg Muntons Spraymalt or brewing sugar (purchased separately).

This kit makes 35 pints @ approx 5.0% ABV
A limited number of each, unique beer style will be produced on a one-off basis, making it truly limited-edition. Once one sells through, another on-trend beer will enter the market, keeping the range exciting and diverse.

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