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Alla Tralle Spirit Proof Hydrometer & Alcohol Meter
Alla Tralle Spirit Proof Hydrometer & Alcohol Meter

Alla Tralle Spirit Proof Hydrometer & Alcohol Meter

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The Alla Tralle Proof and Alcohol meter or spirit hydrometer is used to measure the strength of distilled spirits only.

This will not work for wine or beer.

An alcohol meter is ideal for testing high alcohol brews. It will only work in spirits with no residual sugar as the sugar will cause buoyancy and give a false reading of strength. If you are distilling alcohol then this is the type of hydrometer you will need.

Reads from 0% up to 100% ABV.

To use, simply take a sample of your spirit in a trial jar, lower in the spirit hydrometer.  It will float. The surface of the spirit is where you need to read the number off of the hydrometer.   This will give you the approx ABV of the spirit.

NB. If the spirit has had additional ingredients added (eg sugar, syrup, fruit juices, etc) these will affect the reading and will not show an accurate representation of the Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

Great to use to check the ABV in whisky, gin, etc (this also helps you get used to using your hydrometer as it tells you the alcohol content on the bottle and you can compare this to where it is floating) & to check for watering down. Also great when making your own distilled spirits to check the alcohol level before and after adding flavourings.

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