Straining Bag - Coarse Mesh - HandCraft Supplies

Straining Bag - Coarse Mesh - HandCraft Supplies

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This small Coarse Straining Bag can be used for straining ingredients such as fruits, grains and flowers ready for the home brewing process.

Each hole in the mesh is approx. 1mm in diameter.

Great when used as a hop bag for flower / leaf hops.  Put your hops in the bag, tie a knot in the top and then drop into your boiling wort. This will aid with removing the hops at the end of the boil.  Use when dry hopping to add extra flavours to your beer at the end of the fermentation. Great as you can squeeze out the beer that the hops have soaked up so you get a good yield. If using hop pellets, use a fine straining bag.

A Coarse Straining Bag is good for straining fruit and allows a good flow as they have bigger gaps. You may be left with a little bit of sediment so if that's the case then you may want to use a fine straining bag instead.

Also perfect for making nut milk, almond milk, oat milk etc.

This is a quality Coarse Straining Bag made by HandCraft Supplies and will last a long time.

Bag dimensions:

Diameter: 18cm

Width when flat: 29cm

Depth: 35cm

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