WineXpert Reserve - Merlot Californian - 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit
WineXpert Reserve - Merlot Californian - 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit
WineXpert Reserve - Merlot Californian - 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit

WineXpert Reserve - Merlot Californian - 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit

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The Californian Merlot WineXpert Reserve Red Wine kit makes 30 bottles of premium quality wine. These kits use very high quality grape juice that is concentrated and include all the ingredients which allows you to make outstanding quality wine, with distinctive flavours that only the best wine kits can produce.

This WinExpert Reserve Californian Merlot Wine Kit makes 30 bottles of medium dry red wine that is soft and approachable due to its moderate acidity.  Expect lots of delicious dark fruit flavours like blackberry and blackcurrant, with lighter red fruits like raspberry and cherry poking through.  Add that to the lush smoothness created by the vanilla, buttery oak, with just a speck of dark chocolate.

The strength will be around the 13% ABV mark.

In this WinExpert Reserve Californian Merlot Red Wine kit you get 10 litres of grape concentrate (that you top up to 23 litres with tap water), the perfect yeast for this style of wine and the other ingredients to make sure this wine kit makes you 30 bottles of wine that you would find on the expensive shelves of the supermarket aisle. 

This homebrew kit will take approximately 6 weeks to make and then bottle. Ideally you should leave it in the bottle to condition for a few months. 

If possible, This wine will really benefit from bulk ageing with some oak.  Once clear, add an oak spiral and leave to age on the oak for 6 months before bottling and then ageing in the bottles for another 6 months before drinking. This wine kit is not to be rushed if you want to make a superior bottle of wine!

No extra sugar is required as this is a premium all inclusive kit.

The WinExpert Reserve Californian Merlot Red Wine Homebrew Kit is a very cost effective, fun and fantastic way to make your own wine at home.

Why not get one brewing now ready for any special occasion?!

This kit may seem expensive, but when you divide the price by the 30 bottles it makes, you realise just how cost effective it is.

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