Youngs - Harvest Cider - 40 Pint Cider Kit
Youngs - Harvest Cider - 40 Pint Cider Kit
Youngs - Harvest Cider - 40 Pint Cider Kit

Youngs - Harvest Cider - 40 Pint Cider Kit

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The Youngs Harvest Cider home brew kit is a traditional style cider kit that is easy to make.  In just 7-10 days the cider will be ready to bottle.  Cider improves in the bottle, so it is best to leave it for at least 3 months to bottle condition, but it can be drank straight away once it has finished fermenting.

The Youngs Harvest Cider will produce a strength of around 5% abv when making 40 pints. 

You can always make Youngs Harvest Cider stronger in alcohol and flavour though by adding less water to the fermentation process. Try adding just 32 pints to make it stronger, richer and more tasty. This will give you a strength of around 6-7% abv.  Please remember that the fermentation may take longer to complete.

Just follow the easy, step-by-step cider kit instructions on the inside of the label, and you'll easily make a cider you'll be proud of.

You will need to buy brewing sugar to accompany this brew. 1kg will do the job for the 5% strength.

Taking only 1-2 Weeks to brew, Youngs Harvest Cider can be drunk young or left to mature over time for a much richer, fuller, crisper, cleaner flavour.

  • Brewing Syrup - 1 Can
  • Brewing Yeast
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Instructions

Tip: When the cider is fermenting, sometimes you may get a sulphurous farmyard smell.  This is actually the yeast eating the sugars and other compounds and making new ones. Don't worry, the yeast will soon eat the compounds making these aromas and turn them into something delicious.

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