10 Out Of 10 For The Brewbitz No Boil All Grain Beer Kits

10 Out Of 10 For The Brewbitz No Boil All Grain Beer Kits

The Guys at The Dog and Partridge brewed and then reviewed the Brewbitz No Boil All Grain Beer Kits.  Have a read and then watch their review on YouTube.  You'll be as surprised as they were.  You can make a decent beer without boiling the wort.
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The guys at the Dog and Partridge have brewed up 2 of our no boil kits, and we’ve managed to wow them with 10/10 for both beers.
Dog and Partridge Review Brewbitz No Boil Beer Kits
Here’s the link to see their reviews on their YouTube channel - https://youtu.be/MG-rSik4kDs
They talked about Brewbitz a little and who we are, but you know that already.  And then onto the 2 kits, a Pilton Pride Best Bitter and a New England IPA.  Both from our no boil range.
They talked about the brewing process, and if you have brewed beer from grain like these guys have, they appreciated the shortened brew time by a couple of hours, but they were sceptical that it would work.
They started with the New England IPA and they checked the colour to our description, then then nose and then the taste. 
It was great to see they were both taken a back by how good it was considering there was a whole chunk of the brewing process removed, yet it tasted as it should.  
Alan seemed to have a couple of hang ups about a flavour twang, but that's likely from the large amount of Mosaic hops in this kit, but he still gave it a 9.95 out of 10.
So a 9.95 and a 10, that's pretty good for an all grain beer kit that does not need boiling.
They were wondering about the ingredient quantities as we don't list them, but just let me add, I make the kits with all the usual ingredients, just a tweak to the quantities here and there to allow the finished beer to taste as good as if it had been boiled.
Then onto the Pilton Pride, a Best Bitter.  I suppose it's a little like a London Pride and they picked up on a light nuttyness, and the light bitterness and the perfect body for a best bitter.
Both enjoyed it and gave it 10 out of 10.
That when Alan took a sip of the NEIPA and revised his score to 10/10.
Thanks guys.  Glad you enjoyed brewing them and then having some extra free time.  And even happier that you enjoyed drinking them.
If you want to know more about the no boil process, then we wrote a blog on it, pop over to our Boil Or Not To Boil Wort and you'll see our experiment. 
We currently have 4 kits available in both 9 litre and 23 litre options for you to try brewing yourself. 
If you have brewed beer from grain and always thought to never question a process, just because it has always been boiled, it has to be boiled, then read our blog and then try brewing one of our No Boil All Grain Beer Kits

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