Tasting - The BrewBitz Homebrew Shop Banana Wine Recipe

Tasting - The BrewBitz Homebrew Shop Banana Wine Recipe

2 years after making a banana wine we made for one of our YouTube videos, Davin popped one open and reviewed it to share how it smells and tastes.
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I started a banana wine in August 2020 for one of our YouTube videos.  Once made we laid the bottles down they have been maturing nicely.

We’ve popped open a couple from this batch already and they have been pretty good. I thought I'd pop one open tonight and share the outcome.

If you fancy making it and want the recipe, then you'll find a link to the banana wine recipe at the bottom of the page and a link to our YouTube video.

It’s been in the beer fridge which is at 10°C, so cold but not too cold.

It pours a golden yellow colour, perfectly clear, nice aromas already as it flows.

I used lemons from my own lemon tree and these can be quite potent. And in this batch they are really shining through. Note to self to use a bit less lemon next time.

Before I dive in for a sip, I’ll try and explain what I’m getting…

So lots of citrus on the nose, a sweet smooth, smell, the banana is there but its not overpowering. Slight aroma of bubble gum, toffee with lots of tropical fruity tones.

Think about making a Christmas fruit cake and leaving all the fruit in a brandy & sherry mix overnight, when you pour your fruits into your batter and all the butter, flour and vanilla aromas mix with the alcoholised fruits before it goes in the oven - that's it!  Enjoy cleaning out the bowl. Mmmmmmmm

So now for a sip. Nice and chilled, it has a gentle sweetness, smooth, but then the acids get to work on the tongue, the same ones as if you had bitten into the skin, but now at a lot more palatable level and it makes the tongue tingle. Then comes a dryness. All while you are getting a good nose of alcohol lifting the aromas from this wine.  A mass of tropical fruity flavours.
It gets your mouth watering and it lets you know its a strong wine. Nice and warming.

I had to have quite a few sips to get all these amazing flavours and you will too. Remember this is a sipper and not one for glugging.

Sit back and enjoy a glass.

When I made this wine we also made a video for our YouTube channel and you can watch how we made it here -

It’s pretty easy to make and if you manage to find some over ripe bananas at the supermarket or green grocers, then grab a bargain and get brewing this wine.

If you’ve made a banana wine from our recipe, then let me know how it turned out. Here’s hoping you enjoyed it.

Cheers & Happy Brewing


Davin's Banana Wine Recipe

Watch our Banana Wine video on YouTube

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