Give Your Beer a Boost With Some Extra Grain

Give Your Beer a Boost With Some Extra Grain

Add More Grain...

No matter if you are using a premade kit or brewing from grain, there are some extra tweaks you can make to get extra from your beer.

If you are making a beer kit, you can still mash a small amount of grain to add additional mouthfeel, flavour and depth your your normal beer.  

To mash up a small amount of grain, all you need is a large saucepan, some grain and some water - oh and a thermometer.
Simply pop your grain into a saucepan, add just enough water to cover the grain so it's like a runny porridge, then bring it up to 65°C and keep it there, pop the lid on, turn off the heat, occasionally stirring & checking the temperature.  If the temp has dropped, pop the heat back on low and bring it back to 65°C. Cook the grain for 1 hour.  Now pour the grain into a sieve - remembering to catch the liquid and slowly pour 1 extra pint 70°C water of over the grains to rinse them.  Now pour the liquid into your fermenter, add your beer kit and finish making & fermenting it as you normally would. Your now get a pimped beer!

Try adding some of the following grains to your usual 40 pint recipe...
Add 500g of Wheat Malt to give a smooth feel with an extra biscuity flavour.
or Add 300g Oats to give extra body & viscosity, whist giving a smooth texture.  Great in Stouts or IPA.
or Add 200g of Chocolate Malt to make a black IPA or to enrichen a stout.
or Add 500g of Crystal Malt to give an amazing caramel undertone as well as extra colour.
Or even a combination of 2 or more of the above.

Visit our website to see all the grains we have and how you can use them to give your beer that little extra umph of feel & flavour.  Then for extra aroma why not add some more hops - check out our blog on adding more hops -

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  • Davin Kenwood