Use More Hops...

Use More Hops...

Whether you are an all grain brewer, use extract or just brew the pre-made kits, then why not experiment with hops.
Adding some of the New World hops to your brew once it has finished fermenting can add some awesome flavours to your beer. 
Grab a sterilised straining bag and pop in one of the following hops, tie the end into a knot to make a tea bag and pop it into your beer for 48 hours at the end of the fermentation to give an extra hit of flavour. 

Adding in hops during the boil destroys some of the amazing flavours that they can impart.  Even adding them in at the end of the boil allows the yeast to munch on some of the awesome aroma phenols, so adding them after fermentation can give an extra hit of flavour.

Try adding the following hops...
Add 50g of Citra hops to a 23l brew (post fermentation) to give an amazing citrussy, piney finish.
Add 50g of Simcoe hops to enhance the grapefruit & passionfruit tones.
Add 100g of Mosaic hops to give a real tropical juice bomb feel to your beer, with mango, passionfruit and even blueberry.
Add 100g of Huell Melon to give you a mouth watering watermelon undertone to your finished beer.
Add 100g of Fuggles hops to really show the lush but subtle grassy, minty & earthy aromas.

Take a look at all the hops we have in stock to add to your beers -

Did You Know, you can also give your beer an extra hop boost just before you drink it.  If you have a caffatierre, you know the one with the plunger to filter the coffee and push the grounds to the bottom of the jug) pop some of your beer in the cafiterre, add in a few grams of hops, 10g per litre usually works well, stir them in and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Push down the plunger and hey presto, fresh dry hopped beer!   It'll be very aromatic!

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  • Davin Kenwood