October 2020 Recipe Idea - Pimping Up A Stout

October 2020 Recipe Idea - Pimping Up A Stout

It's really easy to use a kit as a base and then add extra ingredients to make it into something special.  So how about turning a can of John Bull Irish Stout into an Irish Cafe Creme Stout.

Ingredients for 40 Pints
John Bull Irish Stout Kit
20 teaspoons Instant Coffee (the best you can buy)
500g Medium Spray Malt
500g Brewing Sugar
750g Lactose

Remember to sterilise all equipment before use.
1 - Put the unopened can of stout in hot water to help liquify the LME.
2 - Bring 2 pints of water to the boil in a large pan.

3 - Add the Lactose to the pan of water and bring back to the boil over a medium heat stirring all the time until it turns clear.
4 - Now carefully add 20tsp of coffee to the lactose syrup in the pan.
4 - Empty the Stout can into your 25 litre brewing bucket and pour on 4 pints of boiling water and stir.
5 - Pour in the pan of lactose & coffee syrup to the bucket and mix together.6 - Add the sugar and Spray Malt and stir until dissolved.
7 - Top up with cold water to the 23 litre mark.
8 - Taste the wort and then add extra coffee to taste.
9 - Add the yeast and ferment as normal.

Happy Brewing.

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