What Sugar To Use When Brewing - Not All Sugars Are The Same

What Sugar To Use When Brewing - Not All Sugars Are The Same

Choose Your Sugars Wisely...

If you are brewing up a kit or just want some extra ABV in your brew, you may think to just add sugar that you use in your cuppa.  But did you know that there are different sugars and that they can change your brew?
Supermarket Sugar - is usually Glucose & Fructose.  This is what makes it taste sweet, but it can leave this sweetness in your finished beer.

Brewing Sugar - is Dextrose which usually comes from maize and has very little residual sweetness.
Spray Malt - is basically powdered wort.  It is like you used more grain in the mash, so you get a richer, fuller bodied beer. As wort has unfermentable sugars, adding a lot of this can add some extra sweetness to the finished beer.
Beer Enhancer - is a 50/50 mix of Brewing Sugar & Spray Malt.
Liquid Malt Extract - is basically concentrated wort, so again, it's like you have added more grain to your mash. Like Spray malt, this can also add extra sweetness to the finished beer.
Lactose - as discussed above is a non fermentable sweetener (from milk) that adds a slight sweetness and a creamy body to your beer.
Artificial sweeteners - are to be used with caution, 1 drop too many can cause your beer to be extremely sweet, but great if you want to make extra fun beers like a Strawberries & Cream IPA. mmmmm


Remember to watch our YouTube Video for lots more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM0eWFyHG38

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