Homebrew Recipe of the Month - Chocolate Milk Stout - Jan 2020

Homebrew Recipe of the Month - Chocolate Milk Stout - Jan 2020

Chocolate Milk Stout
Thought we would try something different this month.
If you don't have the time to brew up an all grain beer, then it's easy to use a malt extract kit and then tweak it.

You will Need:
1 St Peters Cream Stout Kit (or similar stout kit)
500 grams Lactose
100 Grams Cacao Nibs
Coarse Straining Bag

- Make up the St Peters Cream Stout as per the kits instructions, but omit using the extra hop sachet. 
- Before adding the yeast, Boil up 500 grams of Lactose in 100ml of water.  This will dissolve the lactose and make it easier to combine with the stout.  The lactose will add extra body, a creaminess and a little extra sweetness.
- Pour the lactose into the stout, stirring the stout all the time.
- Check the temperature of the stout is between 18°C & 22°C and add the yeast.
- Ferment as normal for 5-7 days.
- On day 7, pour the Cacao nibs into the straining bag and tie up the end. Put this in the stout that has finished fermenting, seal the lid and leave for 72 hours (or more - the longer you leave it, the greater intensity of chocolate) for the flavours to infuse.
- Remove the Cacao nibs and set aside for further use.  
- Now strain the stout into a pressure barrel.  
- Add the Cacao nibs in their straining bag to the pressure barrel and seal the barrel.  The nibs will continue to add lots more chocolate flavours enriching the stout even more.

Let us know if you have given this a go and how it has turned out.

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  • Davin Kenwood