Cellar 7 - Sauvignon Blanc - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit
Cellar 7 - Sauvignon Blanc - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit
Cellar 7 - Sauvignon Blanc - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

Cellar 7 - Sauvignon Blanc - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

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This Cellar 7 Sauvignon 7 Day White Wine Homebrew Kit will make you 30 bottles of superb tasting white wine.

A very complex dry white wine with flavours of green apple, passion fruit, gooseberry, peach, lime and grass.  Tip: - Try adding 15grams of oak chips to the fermenting wine to add extra body and flavours of vanilla, pastry, butter and nutmeg. 

Making your own Sauvignon Blanc white wine at home in just 7 days has never been easier! Made with the finest European grape concentrate this premium wine kit is super easy and quick to make with fantastic results.

This dry white wine is light to medium bodied and has a crisp taste with notable acidity whilst still being refreshing. The citrus and tropical fruit flavours will take your taste buds on an adventure. As a perfect companion for chicken or fish dishes, this wine is appropriate for many occasions.

The strength of the wine will be somewhere around the 12% ABV mark. If you like it stronger though just add less water for a higher concentrated brew.

Fermenting the wine will only take 7 days! However, with any wine it gets better with age so be patient and let it mature away for a couple of months, it'll be worth it and will taste much better.

The 30 bottle wine kits are excellent value for money providing you with 30x 750ml bottles of good quality wine at a fraction of the cost of a supermarket wine. Cheap and quality, ideal for parties, socialising or just drinking for less at home. Please note that wine bottles are not included.

No extra sugar is required as this is a premium all inclusive wine kit. Basic wine brewing equipment required. You will need 1 x 25 litre fermentation bucket with a drilled lid or a wide neck wine fermenter. If you don't have any beginner's wine making kit then check out our beginner's home brew wine package.

The Cellar 7 Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Kit is a fantastic fun and cheap way to make your own wine. Why not get one brewing now to open up at Christmas or for a special occasion? Homebrew wine makes great gifts for your family and friends, if they enjoy your brew it's extremely rewarding!

Homebrew wine kit contains:

  • Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Yest Nutrients
  • Wine Yeast
  • Fining Agents
  • Stabiliser

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