Campden Tablets

When to add campden tablets when making wine

There are 3 stages in wine making where you need to add campden tablets. Read our blog to find out the 3 stages in wine making that you need to add campden tablets.
Enhancing a Cider Kit by Adding Apple Juice

Enhancing a Cider Kit with Apple Juice

Read how to enhance your homebrew cider kits by substituting apple juice for sugar. It will help add extra flavour and the juice from eating apples will taste great in combination with the bitter s...
Water For Wine

What Water To Use When Making A Homebrew Wine Kit

What is the best water to use when making a wine kit? Not all water is the same, and if you are making a wine kit where you need to add extra water, the minerals in the water can neutralise the aci...
Make a Festival American IPA beer kit

Make Beer at Home - Festival American IPA Beer Kit

Today, I'm going to brew up 40 pints of IPA, my favourite style of beer, so I've chosen this beer kit by Festival Ales, from their World Series, the American IPA. Read on and find out how easy it i...
Hazy Wine After Using Finings

Finings Are Not Clearing The Wine

If you have made a wine, be it a wine kit or a fruit wine and used finings to make it crystal clear, but the finings have not worked, then read this blog as there are a few reasons that might be st...
Making a Cellar 7 Pinot Grigio wine kit

How to Make Wine at Home - Cellar 7 Pinot Grigio

If you want to know how to save money on wine, then making wine at home can save you lots of serious money. Cellar 7 wines kits are £34.95, and that will make you nearly 30 bottles.  No extras ingr...
How To Make Wine - From Grapes

How To Make Wine At Home - From Grapes

Making wine is easy, fun and rewarding.  But how do you make wine?  Knowing What you need and where to start really helps when you are trying to make your own wine, so our blog will give you the ba...
Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA - kit contents

Making Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA on a cold and cloudy day

It’s a pretty grey and chilly Saturday, and my barrel of St Peters Ruby Red Ale is nearly out, so a good time to get brewing another beer kit - whilst I wait for the rugby to start on telly! This t...
Making Sparkling Wine at Home

Making Sparkling Wine (Champagne) At Home

Buying Champagne can be quite expensive, so is it possible to make it at home?  Yes and here's how you can make champagne at home using a chardonnay wine kit, although you can't call it champagne, ...

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