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Bentonite Clay (E558) - Pectin Protein Absorber - 100g

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Bentonite Clay (E558) has an amazing property in that it absorbs unwanted proteins when fermenting your brew. This aids the clearing process in wine and can help to prevent pectin hazes. It does not impare any taste or colour to the brew.

Add at the beginning of your brewing process add 1 tsp to 1 cup of the must and stir, leave for 15 mins. Stir again and add to the must. Then add your yeast as per normal.

If adding to a hazy brewed beer or wine, then mix 2 tsp with 1 cup boiling water (per gallon of liquid) and mix very well. Leave to cool, then add this to the brew and mix. Leave to clear, then bottle or barrel as usual.

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