Centennial Hops - Pellet - 50g
Centennial Hops - Pellet - 50g
Centennial Hop
Centennial Hops - Pellet - 50g

Centennial Hops - Pellet - 50g

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Centennial hops are useful both an aromatic hop and also a bittering hop.

Centennial adds amazing floral aromas of lemon and pine.  Great hop for dry hopping post fermentation to add lots of extra interesting flavours.

Origin - USA

Harvest - 2019

Aromas - Floral, Lemon, Pine

Alpha - 9.5%

Beta Acid - 3-5.5%

Cohumulone - 29.30

Oil Composition - Myrcene: 45-60%, Humulene: 10-20%, Farnesene: <1%

Total Oil - 1.5-2.3ml/100g

Flavour Intensity - 9

This pack has been flushed with CO2 and vacuum sealed.

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