Wine & Beer Hydrometer - Stevenson Reeves
Wine & Beer Hydrometer - Stevenson Reeves

Wine & Beer Hydrometer - Stevenson Reeves

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The Stevenson Reeves Homebrew Hydrometers for Wine, Beer or Cider, plays an important part in testing if your home brew has finished fermenting as well as helping you work out the alcohol content..

Hydrometers allow you to take a specific gravity (liquid density) reading of the liquid in the brew.  

This will tell you how much sugar is in your must before brewing.  Use it to also check your beer/wine has finished fermenting so you can then barrel or bottle it. 

Take another reading just before you bottle and then use the 2 readings to make a simple calculation which will tell you how much alcohol is in your finished beer / wine.

Simply waiting for the airlock to stop bubbling or checking to see if any bubbles are rising are not as accurate ways of being sure your brew has fully fermented and could lead to exploding bottles or over fizzy beer.

The hydrometer is an easy, cheap way to tell when your brew has finished. 

To get the most accurate reading, use it in conjunction with a Trial Jar.

23cm long.

If you need help reading your hydrometer, then check out our YouTube video.

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