If you like red wines that have that blackcurrant aroma and taste of cassis, then you'll love blackcurrant wine.  Packed full of the amazing flavours of blackcurrants in this delicious light red wine.

Fruity, medium to dry, thats smooth to drink and reminds you of a certain blackcurrant kids drink thats been tweaked for adults to enjoy.

1.4kg (3lb) Blackcurrants
1.4kg (3lb) 50% Supermarket (granulated) Sugar & 50% Brewing Sugar
4.5 litres (8 pints or 1 gallon) Boiling Water
Campden Tablets
Red Wine Yeast
Yeast Nutrient


Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed for £25)

Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker



1 - Pop your blackcurrants into the fermenting bucket

2 - Pour over the 8 pints (4.5 litres) of boiling water

3 - Give them a good stir and put the lid on the bucket

4 - Put this somewhere cool for 7 days.

5 - After 7 days have passed open the bucket.  Don't worry if there is a little mould.

6 - Strain the liquid into a clean sterilised bucket.

7 - Discard the blackcurrants.

8 - Add the sugar to the blackcurrant water and stir until dissolved.

9 - Take a sample and a reading with your hydrometer and keep this safe.

10 - Add the pectolase & yeast nutrient and stir.

11 - Then sprinkle on the yeast.

12 - Loosely put the lid on and put it into a warm cupboard (20°C)

13 - Stir every day for 3 days

14 - Leave for 4 more days

15 - Siphon into a clean sterilised Demi-John & pop in the airlock.

16 - Put this back into your warm place (20°C) until no more bubbles pass through the airlock.

17 - Once fermentation is complete, check with a hydrometer it should be below 1.000. Use this new reading with the original reading to work out the ABV of your wine.

18 - Rack off into a clean Demi-John add 1 crushed Campden Tablet and leave to clear.

19 - Once clear, bottle and keep for 6 months to condition.

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