Carrot Wine Recipe

Who'd have thought you can make such a gorgeous, refreshing wine from boring old carrots?! Well, it's true, you can! It's a refreshing, fruity, straw coloured wine, slightly sweet, that goes great with a roast dinner, curry or just to surprise friends.

Here we have a guide on how to make Davin's carrot wine.

Enjoy and happy brewing!

- 3lbs Carrots
- 3lbs Sugar (75% Supermarket (granulated) sugar & 25% Brewing Sugar)
- 1tsp White Wine Yeast
- 1tsp Yeast Nutrient
- 1tsp Pectolase
- 1 Gallon (8 Pints or 4.5litres) of water

Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed)
Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker

- Scrub the carrots and cut into small pieces. There is no need to peel them, but cut out any rotten or worm damaged bits. 
- Put them in a preserving pan, pour on the water, bring to the boil and simmer until tender.
- Strain into a bucket through muslin, discard the carrots and then add the 3lb of sugar to the liquid, stirring until dissolved.
- Leave to cool until it gets down to 20°C.
- Add the pectolase, yeast nutrient and stir.
- Take a Specific Gravity (SG) reading with your hydrometer and make a note of the reading for calculating the alcohol content.
- Add the yeast and stir.
- Gently cover with the lid and place in a warm place (20°C) for 1 week, stirring daily

After 1 Week:
- Syphon the wine into a Demi-John, fit an airlock and put back in the warm place for another 2 weeks or until no more bubbles pass through the airlock.
- To be sure fermentation is complete, check the SG for 3 consecutive days (it should be below 1.000) and if it remains the same, it's then time to rack off and clear the wine ready for bottling.
- Check out our video showing how and why to rack off 
- Once clear, it's ready to bottle.
- Take a final SG reading and use this to calculate the alcohol content (for the label).
- View our video showing you how to bottle
- If you can, put it away for 6 months as this will give plenty of time for the wine to condition and improve.

Happy brewing.

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