Nectarines make a fantastic white wine, soft, full of flavour and not too sweet, but with a little kick from the citrus.

Make your own nectarine wine at home and in 6 months enjoy a refreshing glass on a warm summers day. This same technique can be used to make peach, apricot or plum wine.



1.4kg (3lb) Nectarines
1.4kg (3lb) sugar - 50% Supermarket (granulated) Sugar & 50% Brewing Sugar
8 Pints Boiling Water 
1 tsp Pectolase 
1 tsp Yeast
Yeast Nutrient 
Campden Tablets

Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed for £25)

Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker


Chop the nectarines in half and remove the stone at the centre. This will get slippery so be careful.

Pop them into the bucket and add the boiling water, sugar and pectolase.

Pop the lid on and put in a warm cupboard for 3 days,

Add the yeast & nutrient and ferment for 7 days.

Strain off the fruit and put the wine into a demijohn to finish fermenting.

Rack off and wait for the wine to clear and then bottle.

Leave in the bottles for at least 3 (ideally 6) months for the wine to mature and condition.

Pop open a bottle and enjoy. You could also try making this into a champagne. It's awesome too!

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