Avvinatore - Bottle Washer and Rinser for Sterilising Beer or Wine Bottles

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The Avvinatore bottle washer and rinser has a large capacity reservoir so is great for when you have to clean and rinse lots of bottles ready for filling.  Using the Avvinatore is a really quick way to wash, clean and sterilise your beer and wine bottles ready for filling with wine or beer.

The Avvinatore bottle washer is really easy to put together, use and take apart for drying and storing for the next use. 

Simply fill the clear bowl of the bottle washer with a steriliser solution.  Then take your empty bottle that needs cleaning, put the neck of the bottle over the central spout.  Now press the bottle downwards firmly. 

The neck of the bottle will plunge into the sterilising solution, at the same time a strong squirt of sterilising solution will be shot into the bottle, hitting the insides of the upturned bottle.  Plunge the bottle up and down a few more times to make sure all the inside of the bottle has been coated with steriliser. 

Now set your bottle aside and move on to the next bottle.

The Avvinatore has a neat little filter to stop any particles that come out of your dirty bottles from being squirted up into subsequent bottles.

If you are using a sterilising solution that needs rinsing, then once you have sterilised all your bottles, empty the solution from the bowl and fill with tap water and repeat the process, refreshing the water with fresh clean water every 30 bottles.

If you are using a no rinse steriliser, simply put the bottles on a bottle drying stand and leave till dry.

Your wine and beer bottles are now clean and ready to fill with your beer, wine, cider or lager.

The Avvinatore has been designed to fit on the top of the Bottle Drainer Stand, as shown in one of our pictures. The bottle draining stand is sold separately.

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