Coriander Seeds - 100g
Coriander Seeds - 100g
Coriander Seeds - 100g

Coriander Seeds - 100g

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100g of dried coriander seeds. Called Cilantro in the USA.  

Coriander seeds are used as a botanical when making gin to add a spicy citrus nutty aroma, and are suitable for use in a still or popped into vodka and left to infuse and make your own gin. 

Coriander seeds are a must ingredient when making a German Gose beer.  This is a beer made with 50% barley, 50% wheat, coriander & salt and soured with lactic acid. This creates a citrus almost lemony beer that is sour and slightly salty.  The salt helps lower the sourness when it hits the taste buds. And the coriander adds a herbal quality to the beer.

Can also be used in cooking when the recipe calls for coriander or cilantro. 

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