Deluxe Wine Making Starter Package - To Make 5 Litres / 6 Bottles

Deluxe Wine Making Starter Package - To Make 5 Litres / 6 Bottles

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Use this Wine Making Starter Package to make your own wine at home from fruit, vegetables, flowers, grapes and much more.

This kit contains the main equipment, yeast and nutrients to make fantastic wine at home.  Once used, clean and it's ready to be used again.  Well kept, this kit can be used many many times and will be the start of a new hobby.

Use this kit to make Elderflower wine, blackberry wine, banana wine, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, sloe, haw, rosehip, parsnip, tea, plum, peach & elderberry wine, even cider. The possibilities are endless.

This kit is also suitable to be used with the 6 bottle wine kits and the Prohibition Liqueur kits.


In the kit...

10L fermenting bucket

5L Demi-John


Hydrometer & Trial Jar


Muslin Bags

All Purpose Wine Yeast & Nutrient


Campden Tablets

Demi-John Bubbler Airlock


What you need to add (which you probably have at home)...

Jug for measuring

Spoon for stirring


Fruits or Vegetables

6 Empty Wine Bottles


For recipe ideas, see our recipes page


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