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Emily Twin Lever Beer Bottle Capper

Beer Bottle Capper - Two Handled - Emily

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Emily Twin Lever Beer Bottle Capper is ideal for capping your beers once they've been bottled.

Used correctly, this capper will last you years of service. 

Place the crown cap onto the magnet inside the crimping cup. Next, place the beer capper of the bottle neck and push down onto the handles. When the handles become horizontal the crown cap should be secured.   Do not add more pressure than is necessary as this can cause damage to the capper and or the bottle.  If you feel the cap is not securely fitted, remover the capper, turn the bottle 90°, refit the capper on the bottle and depress the capper handles as above.

Please note, if reusing old beer bottles, due to the design of some bottle necks, a hand held capper may not get a good grip on the flange under where the cap sits.  In which case a counter top capper may be more appropriate.

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