Harris Filters - Pectinaze - Pectic Enzyme - 15ml

Pectinaze - Liquid Pectolase Pectic Enzyme - 15ml - Treats up to 90 Litres - Harris

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This is pectolase in liquid form so mixes in and gets to work faster than in its dried form. 

15ml of liquid pectic enzyme is sufficient for up to 20 gallons (90 litres) of cider or wine, so if you are making smaller quantities, just adjust the dosage accordingly. 

Simply use 1ml in a gallon (4.5 litres) of wine or cider,  or 1 teaspoon per 23 litre (5 gallon) batch.

Pectolase (also called Pectic Enzyme) is a pectin destroying enzyme which is used when you are making fruit wines.  It also helps break down the fruits cell walls releasing more flavour and colour into your wine.

Pectin can cause a haze and stop the wine from clearing, therefore it needs to be destroyed. Pectin is a natural gelling agent which can be found in fresh, ripe fruits. 

So if you are using fresh fruits and flowers to make a wine you will probably need some Pectolase. In jam making pectin is great for causing it to set, but in homebrew it can make your finished wine cloudy.

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