Malic Acid (E296) - 50g

Malic Acid (E296) - 50g

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Malic Acid (E296) can be used when the fruits or flowers you are using for your homebrew do not contain enough acidity on their own. If the recipe needs a high acid content then adding Malic Acid can help.

This is an organic compound which is an active ingredient in sour or tart fruits. Malic Acid will give a tart apple taste when used in wines. Not only can you use it to enhance taste and acidity but it also speeds up the fermentation process.

If your recipe calls for an "acid blend", this is simply 3 acids: Citric, Malic & Tartaric.  You can easily make your own acid blend by mixing 3 parts Citric, 2 parts Malic and 1 part Tartaric.   Mix:  1 1/2 tsp Citric Acid, 1 tsp Malic Acid & 1/2 tsp Tartaric.  This is your acid blend

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