Oats - Malted - Flaked- 500g
Oats - Malted - Flaked- 500g
Oats - Malted - Flaked- 500g

Oats - Malted - Flaked - 500g - Warminster Maltings

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Buy Malted Flaked Oats to add extra depth, thickness and body to a beer, aiding head retention and helping create a haze in craft beer styles. 

Flaked Malted oats will also add a creaminess to your beer, great if you are making a vegan milk stout or a milkshake IPA.

The flaked oats have been through a process that has already gelatinised the gluten in the grain which means it won't turn your mash into porridge.

Add flaked oats to stouts to make a breakfast stout, but also try adding them to an IPA or Pale Ale for enhancing the body and flavours.

Mix different grains together for a unique, experimental brew!

These flaked oats are made by Warminster Maltings using traditional methods sourced from some of the best growers in the UK.

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