Simple Syphon with Rigid Section + Sediment Trap + Tap

Simple Syphon with Rigid Section + Sediment Trap + Tap

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The Simple Syphon (siphon) is a tube for syphoning your beer or wine from one container to another. With a rigid section to help control the position of the sediment trap which helps to prevent unwanted sediment being syphoned up.

Have your full fermenting vessel higher than your empty one. Simply insert the rigid end into your full fermenting vessel, then suck on the other end with the tap to bring liquid into the tube. Place the tap end into your new fermenting vessel and the flow will begin.

You can use this syphon with the tap to fill bottles, turning off the tap when moving to the next bottle.  When bottling, remember to syphon your beer, wine, cider into a clean fermenting vessel from the original fermenting vessel. Then syphon from the new vessel into your bottles. This prevents getting sediment into your bottles as this has been left in the original fermenting vessel.

The simple syphon is approx. 1.5m total length.

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