Still Spirits Gin Botanicals and Herbs -  London Dry Gin Style

Still Spirits Gin Botanicals and Herbs - London Dry Gin Style

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Use this blend of botanicals to make London Dry Gin.  A blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, citrus peels and liquorice root to infuse your gin to make a delicious London Dry Gin just the way you like.

These botanicals can be used to infuse spirits with the flavours you get in a bottle of London Dry Gin.

Use these botanical herbs by putting them in a straining bag and lowering them into a kilner jar filled with a flavourless spirit like vodka.  Over a short time, the flavours of the herbs will infuse into the spirit.  Leave them longer for a more intense flavour.

You can also use these London Dry Gin botanicals and herbs in a still to infuse the rosemary gin flavours to your home made spirit.  Consult your specific still instructions.

This pack will is suitable to turn 3 - 6 litres of spirit into London Dry Gin.

Use 30 - 35 g of Gin Botanicals when using the Air Still - Available on Our Website.

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